Tankvision LMS NXA86 - Inventory Management ©Endress+Hauser

Tankvision LMS is a total LNG tank storage and management solution for peak shaving plants, receiving terminals and production facilities of LNG. It was designed to interface with all instruments and to collect and present the instrument data through a range of intuitive graphical user interfaces. A typical LNG tank has a wide range of measurement instruments to measure liquid level, liquid density, liquid and vapor temperature, liquid and vapor pressure, skin temperature and much more.

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  • 장점

    • Stand-alone or redundant system architecture

    • Intuitive user friendly graphical user interface (GUI)

    • Supports most types of tank gauge: Servo, radar, hydrostatic, etc.

    • Provides interfaces to most Legacy Host Systems

    • Real-time & historical trending

  • 적용 분야

    Tankvision LMS system can operate in a simple stand-alone configuration or as a fully redundant system where security and integrity are of paramount importance.

    • Scheduling of gauge commands, reports and backups

    • 3rd party protocols (e.g. Enraf, Saab)...

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