Asset performance management for maximal productivity

Real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance and cloud-based solutions maximize asset reliability

Asset performance management is key to productivity, compliance and availability in the exacting and competitive world of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Process plants are under constant pressure to evolve and improve, yet many are still caught in a reactive approach to maintenance which can lead to costly unplanned shutdowns. Our technologies and process expertise enable predictive maintenance strategies for optimal asset management and best pharmaceutical production plant performance.

How we can help

We help optimize your Asset Performance Management by improving your asset knowledge, enabling you to ensure your instrument maintenance efforts are always efficiently directed.

  • Installed base analysis for a complete overview of all physical assets

  • Smart sensors and cloud IIoT solutions for up to date asset information

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities for predictive asset maintenance

  • Predictive maintenance strategies for reduced downtime and improved spare parts management

  • Real-time monitoring for targeted maintenance interventions


Data-driven decision making

Process plants evolve over time, equipment changes, and instruments become obsolete. Collecting asset data on the installed base can therefore be a labor-intensive process that covers multiple measuring points and instrumentation from several suppliers, and yet without this up-to-date information improving maintenance becomes impossible.

Data-driven decision making
분야별 전문성

Endress+Hauser audit teams will conduct an Installed Base Analysis, collecting and analyzing all necessary information into a detailed report, based on which data-driven decisions can be made.

  • Save time and costs on asset data collection

  • Improve asset management based on a detailed report of critical assets and potential enhancements

  • Optimize obsolescence management and simplify standardization of instrumentation

Remote real-time monitoring and insights

Diagnosing and solving an instrument’s error code often requires field-based interventions, increasing costs and risks.

Remote real-time monitoring and insights
분야별 전문성

Our Netilion IIoT ecosystem combines apps and algorithms that turn instrumentation data into actionable information. From our simple smartphone application installed instruments can be monitored, error codes can be diagnosed and resolved remotely. The digital plant is now a reality.

  • Scanner 앱으로 물리적 자산의 디지털 트윈을 60초 안에 생성

  • Analyze via a live overview of the installed base with the Netilion Analytics app

  • Netilion Health 앱을 통해 오류 코드를 확인하고 필요한 조치를 명확하게 전달

예측 가능한 유지보수

Most instrument errors are unforeseen and when they occur resolution can necessitate costly downtime.

예측 가능한 유지보수
분야별 전문성

Our Heartbeat Technology leverages in-built self-diagnostic functions that permanently monitor the state of instruments, enabling trends to be identified and interventions to be made in a timely and targeted manner before an error occurs or calibration is required.

데이터 보안

In the life sciences industry data integrity and data security are both crucial considerations.

Secured data
분야별 전문성

Our complete IIoT offering is certified to ensure maximum data security. From edge device to the customer data in the cloud our solutions use the latest safety mechanisms.

  • 긴 키 코드를 사용하는 암호화 방법(HTTPS / TLS 및 SHA-256)

  • 인증된 데이터 센터와 협력(예: ISO 27001)

  • 4성 등급의 EuroCloud에서 허가한 독립 기관의 인증

자산 관리 최적화와 플랜트 가용성 향상

Improve your asset management from asset data collection and documentation to trend analysis ©Endress+Hauser

데이터 수집과 트렌드 분석을 통해 보다 효율적인 자산 관리가 가능해집니다.

Enable predictive asset maintenance with instrumentation that offers self-diagnostic functions ©Endress+Hauser

엔드레스하우저는 최소한의 노력으로 자가 진단 기능 및 높은 수준의 시스템 가용성을 제공하는 '하트비트 기술(Heartbeat Technology)'이 장착된 다양한 계기를 제공합니다.

IBA put simply

"Improved plant availability, reduced maintenance costs and ensured compliance - IBA makes your life easier, whether you are a plant, quality or maintenance manager."


엔드레스하우저는 고객이 자산 성과 관리를 최적화하고 자산 신뢰성을 극대화하도록 지원하는 전문성과 솔루션을 갖추고 있습니다. 스마트 계기, 전문가 서비스 및 클라우드 기반 유지보수 솔루션을 통해 안전과 규정 준수를 저해하지 않으면서 예측 유지보수와 디지털화를 향해 한 걸음 더 나아갈 수 있습니다.

  • 80%

    엔드레스하우저 고객사 중 한 곳에서 IBA를 기반으로 온도 계기를 표준화한 후 감소한 변동성

  • 최대 30%

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