Digital disinfection sensor
Chloromax CCS142D

Digital disinfection sensor
Chloromax CCS142D ©Endress+Hauser
Digital disinfection sensor
Chloromax CCS142D ©Endress+Hauser

Memosens converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it to the transmitter without a contacting connection. This video shows how Memosens optimizes process control and maintenance.

Memosens sensor for drinking water and process applications

Chloromax CCS142D is the digital free chlorine sensor for all kinds of water. It measures reliably even if fluctuations in flow or conductivity occur and enables control of the disinfection loop so that the water is free of germs. The sensor offers low maintenance saving you time. Thanks to Memosens digital technology, CCS142D combines maximum process and data integrity with simple operation. It resists corrosion and moisture, enables lab calibration and simplifies predictive maintenance.

  • 장점

    • Long calibration and maintenance intervals

    • Easy membrane replacement thanks to prefabricated membrane cap

    • Zero-point calibration normally not required, but possible for best adaptation to lowest measured values

    • Measured values are not affected by...

  • 적용 분야

    Chloromax CCS142D measures free chlorine in:

    • Drinking water
      - Trace and standard measurement in process water and distribution networks
      - Monitoring, control and optimization of disinfection processes

    • Wastewater treatment plants
      - Reuse of cleaned...

특징 및 사양



  • 측정 원리

    Free chlorine

  • Application

    Water treatment (drinking water, service water, process water, distribution network)

  • Characteristic

    amperometric measurement of free chlorine

  • Measurement range

    0,01..5 mg/l / 0,05..20mg/l free chlorine

  • Measuring principle

    membrane-covered amperometric sensor

  • Design

    Sensor for use in flow cell (CCA250)
    or for immersion use (thread NPT 3/4 on top)


  • Material

    Sensor shaft: PVC. Membrane: PTFE

  • Dimension

    Diameter sensor body: 25mm

    diamter sealing seat for flow cell: 31mm

    length overall: 148mm

  • Process temperature

    0..45°C, not freezing

  • Process pressure

    ambient to 2bar abs

  • Temperature sensor

    Integrated (Memosens)

  • Connection


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