South African style temperature assembly

South African style temperature assembly ©Endress+Hauser

Comprehensive and common temperature measurement technology for almost all branches of industry

The thermometer is mainly used in the chemical industry but also finds its use in other branches. The device with head transmitter is a complete unit ready for use with enhanced measurement accuracy and reliability compared to directly wired sensors. To be installed into a thermowell or directly into the process by means of an adjustable or fixed fitting. It can also be used in all applications where small immersion lengths are needed.

  • 장점

    • Various types of thermocouples: Type J (Fe-CuNi), type K (NiCr-Ni), type N (NiCrSi-NiSi) or type T (Cu-CuNi)

    • Sheath material ANSI 316SS or 310SS, INCONEL 600

    • Customized immersion length

    • Electrical connection by means of a ceramic terminal block or head...

  • 적용 분야

    Thermocouple sensor for industrial applications. It comprises of various diameter fixed inserts with either a transmitter mounting plate or a ceramic terminal block. The hot junction can be either "grounded" or "ungrounded" from the sheath. The terminal...

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