Turbimax CUS65

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특징 및 사양



  • 측정 원리

    Four beam alternating light

  • Application

    Optical turbidity measurement from condensate monitoring up to sludge treatment.

  • Characteristic

    Different measuring surfaces depending on the range and application.

  • Measurement range

    0-12g/l(ppm) Activated sludge, centrate
    0-40g/l(ppm) Return sludge
    0-50g/l(ppm) Primary sludge, digested sludge
    1-1000 FNU service water, condensate, boiler feedwater.
    10-150g/l(ppm) centrifuge inlet, press inlet.

  • Measuring principle

    Four beam pulsed light method for compensation of sensor soiling and wearing of optical components.

  • Design

    Sensor made of stainless steel without moving parts.

  • Material

    Sensor : stainless steel 1.4404
    Optical windows : CUS65-A,-C,-E : Epoxy resin
    CUS65-B, -D : POM
    O-rings : viton

  • Process temperature

    0°C ... 50°C / 32°F ... 122°F

  • Process pressure

    max. 6bar (87psi)

  • Ex certification


  • Connection

    Fixed cable with SXP plug to the transmitter.

  • Ingres protection

    IP68 / NEMA6

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