Sludge level CUM750

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특징 및 사양



  • 측정 원리

    Ultrasonic sensor

  • 측정 원리

    Ultrasonic sensor

  • Application

    Primary clarifier, sludge thickener, setting basin after flocculant dosage, sludge height in contact sludge, static separation process.

  • Installation

    open tanks

  • Characteristic

    Ultrasonic measuring system for separation zone and sludge level detection.

  • Measurement range

    Sludge level : 0,3m - 100m

  • Measuring principle

    Ultrasonic measurement with a frequency of 657kHz and a wave length of 0,2cm.

  • Design

    Multichannel-transmitter for up to 4 ultrasonic sensors CUS70 with backlight multifunctional display for graphical and numerical display.

  • Material

    Housing : PolycarbonateWindow : Plexiglas

  • Dimension


  • Ex certification


  • Ingres protection


  • Input

    Level measurement

  • Output

    - 0/4 - 20mA for level measurement.- up to 4 outputs.

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