Tankvision Multi Scan NXA83B

Product picture of: Tankvision Multi Scan NXA83B

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System component: Tank Gauging.
Data collection, calculation,
monitoring. Up to 250 tanks.

특징 및 사양



  • 측정 원리

    Communication Interface

  • Function

    Multi Scan

    Acquires data from Field Instruments (up to 250 tanks). The data is provided to the visualization software Tankvision Professional NXA85 or other host systems (PLC und DCS).

  • Input

    Modbus RS485; V1; WM550; Tokyo Keiso FW9000; Varec Mark/Space; Saab TRL/2; Enraf BPM; Scientific Instruments; Modbus Ethernet

  • Output

    OPC DA; Modbus RS485; Modbus Ethernet

  • Output voltage

    AC: 100...240 VAC

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)

    Rack mounted:

    483x176x260 mm

    (19x6.93x10.24 in)

    Wall mounted:

    322x300x110 mm

    (12.68x11.81x4.33 in)

  • Configuration

    Via remote desktop

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